Hey, peeps!! I am Miranda and I have been writing since October 2011 when I started Only Human. Since then, I have started several short stories and two more books, none of which are finished or published. Either way, here is my list:


Only Human- Status: On page 190 (hand written), mostly done with Part 1- About inter-dimensional travel.

Assassin Book- Status: Page 20-(Not yet Titled)- Dropped: No longer in progress

Chronicles of the Afterlife- Status: pages 25 typed- Begining-ish- About what happens after you die- Little Part of my favorite character here:

Short StoriesEdit

A New Moon- (NOT TWILIGHT RELATED THANK YOU VERY MUCH)- Myth written for honors LA, okay quality located here:

Business of the Dead- (Because for some reason I like writing about dead people)- Not bad i guess, just something random i wrote, it's supposed to take place in my grandpa's house- Located here:

The Sky's On Fire- BOREDOM IS PRODUCTIVE- It's here: