Full name Darwin Watterson
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Place of Origin Elmore
Residence Elmore
Species Evolved goldfish
Affiliations Elmore, the Watterson family
Friends Gumball... (please continue this)
Family The Watterson family (adopted)
Skills & Powers ???
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Voiced by Kwesi Boakye
First Appearance The Responsible

Darwin is Gumball's best friend in The Amazing World of Gumball.


Darwin, because he was recently evolved, has a naïve view of things. Gumball teaches him aboiut the outside world, so Darwin is loyal to his adoptive brother. He also, despite what Gumball has taught him, wants to make things right, such as in 'The DVD,' when he suggested they tell mom about the DVD, while Gumball tried to fix and cover his mistakes.

He can have very bright ideas sometimes.


Darwin looks just like a goldfish but with huge eyes. He has reflections from his back and a tailfin coming from his backside. Other than that, he has long orange legs wearing green and white shoes.


  • Darwin only knows the numbers 2, 7 and 9.
  • His short memory in 'The Mystery' is a reference to a real fish's memory of 3 seconds.
  • Darwin can speak Chineas, although he cant remember and says that he cant
  • He makes a sound like a squeaking floor board when he walks
  • He has "perfect skin" as seen in "The DVD"
  •  Darwin eats fish and human food