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The Amazing World of Gumball is a cartoon popular among users of this wiki. It is aired on the Cartoon Network channel.

This is the Gumball cast of characters.


The Amazing World of Gumball focuses on Gumball the cat and his pet fish, Darwin, who Gumball accepted as his brother after he sprouted legs. They go on adventures in the quaint suburban comunity of Elmore. Sometimes tagging along on their mischief is Anais, the voice of reason and their four-year old genius sister.

Encouragement and punishment is served by their mother, Nicole Watterson, who suffers from work-related stress and has a huge temper. Her husband, Richard Watterson, is as silly as the kids and boundlessly lazy, the laziest person in town, in fact.

At school, Gumball and Darwin can't stop, which brings them toically unfocused and is for some reason in love with Miss Simian, who's been teaching seventh grade for 701 years. Sometimes they have to go to thier hippie counselor under their command because they refuse to listen to them. He's Mr. Small, the innafective counselor. He's convinced he's helping kids with their problems but he normally just makes them worse.

Gumball and Darwin's classmates are also part of this colorful world. One of the more important ones is Penny Fitzgerald, a peanut with antlers. Gumball has a big crush on her but is nervous to admit it. Tobias is an occasional rival for this, but otherwise is overconfident, rich and considers himself a jock. Banana Joe is the class clown who cracks jokes on whatever he can, whenever he can.

Bobert is one of the smartest kids at school who constantly wishes to be a real boy. In one episode, Gumball almost hands his identity to him. Finally, we have Tina Rex. This Tyrannosaurus Rex likes to smash people and is the meanest kid in the school. She makes Gumball's life a terror, but perhaps it is because she's insecure of her surroundings.


Primary charactersEdit

Gumball Watterson


Secondary charactersEdit

Anais Watterson

Nicole Watterson

Richard Watterson

Tertiary charactersEdit

  1. Penny Fitzgerald
  2. Tobias
  3. Rachel
  4. Banana Joe
  5. Bobert
  6. Carrie
  7. Tina Rex
  8. Carmen
  9. Masami
  10. Alan
  11. Sussie
  12. Molly Collins
  13. Jamie
  14. Teri
  15. Clayton
  16. Anton
  17. Ocho
  18. Leslie