Pride WARNING: This article contains information which is non-canon, joking (perhaps meant for entertainment purposes) or just false and it is not to be misconstrued as serious facts or be taken seriously.

The Power of Cheese is a rumored power believed by many to be posessed in the dairy product cheese. Few is known about this fabled power, in fact, many people do not even believe it exists. However, as the community members of Random Chat Awesomeness Wiki support this theory and are very interested in researching it, we will accept it enough to give it a fair page.

Scientific investigationsEdit

Most scientists have concluded, after immense studies into cheese's chemical compostion and properties, nutrition factors and behavior of cows, that if cheese were to have a 'super-power,' it would be shape and viscosity-shifting.
Power of cheese


The Power of Cheese is present in some folklore, perhaps those that tell of cheese deities and such, such as African and Cherokee folklore. For example, in African folklore, Scirra is the god of cheese, a mischievous, elf-like deity with yellow skin and greasy green hair. Also, archeologists are starting to conclude that the Caribs, an Amerindian tribe, believed in a deity named Gudda (could that be the origin of the modern name for the cheese type?) who was all-powerful over cheese and was, in fact, one of the most powerful deities. They believed that if they pleased Gudda enough, he could bring them victory in any battles they faced by sending storms of cheese down from Heaven to Earth to crush their enemies.

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